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The SHOCKING Inside Story of Bali’s Most Notorious Jail

The SHOCKING Inside Story of Bali’s Most Notorious Jail


The Shocking Inside Story of Kerobokan, Bali’s Notorious Jail

Welcome to Hotel Kerobokan, the ironic nickname for Bali’s most notorious prison, and home to a procession of the infamous and the tragic including; the Bali Bombers, murderers, gangsters, the King of Denpasar, Australian beautician Schapelle Corby, Chef Gordon Ramsay’s brother Ronnie, the Bali 9 heroin traffickers – two now executed after ten years on death row in Hotel K, British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford – now on death row and expected to be shot in late 2015 – among many others.

Hotel Kerobokan paints a graphic picture of Bali’s notorious prison; the filthy and disease-ridden cells, a United Nations of prisoners living crushed together in misery. Petty thieves and small-time drug users share cells with killers, rapists and gangsters. Hardened drug traffickers sleep alongside unlucky tourists who’ve seen their holiday turn from paradise to hell over one ecstasy tablet.

Internationally titled Hotel K, this book reveals the wild sex nights organized by corrupt guards for prisoners who have the money to pay, the rampant drug use, the killings made to look like suicides and prisoners paying for days down at the beach. It exposes the jail’s role in supplying high-grade drugs to the outside, the gang that rules the jail through terror, the corruption that means anything is for sale, and the squalor and misery endured by prisoners.

Written by best selling author Kathryn Bonella, Hotel Kerobokan is backed up by hundreds of prisoner interviews – the truth about Hotel Kerobokan explodes off every page of this book.

Kathryn Bonella has co-write Schapelle Corby’s best-selling book My Story and a book about the drug scene in Bali titled Snowing in Bali.


Bonella’s portrayal of the jail, which holds men and women, will make readers flinch with its graphic descriptions of violence and debauchery taking place under the eye of bent guards.

~ South China Morning Post

Bonella casts a cool, journalistic eye over some horrific events but even plain description is enough to make the opening chapter nauseating. It’s an account of “sex night”, when, for a fee, guards bring prostitutes into the prison and inmates queue beside a filthy mattress to wait their turn. Going beyond the usual round-up of disease-ridden cells and arbitrary violence, Bonella provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the prison’s best-known guests.

~ The Sun-Herald


~ Irish Examiner

KEROBOKAN Prison’s walls touch paradise – surrounded by sun-kissed beaches, luxury villas and the best restaurants in Bali’s Seminyak and Legian areas. Inside those walls it’s a living hell; a seedy, bizarre world where the unimaginable and shocking become routine life.Schapelle Corby barely reacted when she found a prisoner hanging by a noose …

~ Daily Telegraph

hotel-kBonella travels deep inside this chaotic, twilight world and uncovers the stories that lie within. But it is a brisk, matter-of-fact account; she lets the horror of each story speak for itself.

~ The Telegraph



Hotel Kerobokan

Hotel K

The SHOCKING Inside Story of Bali’s Most Notorious Jail

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